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As passionate engineers and scientists, we are well aware of many critical problems in the world that cannot be solved because we lack the computing speed and power. So we developed a brand new chip architecture to speed up scientific computing capable of solving partial differential equations 105 times faster than any state of the art system. We are now deploying this technology to various exciting applications.

Application Areas

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Aerospace and Defence

Enabling supersonic and hypersonic aviation

Fluid dynamics simulations at speeds unthinkable even by the world's fastest supercomputers

Life Science

Discovering new drugs at a fraction of the cost

Solving the vertical scaling problem in molecular dynamics and electronic structure simulations

Nuclear Energy

Solving the world's energy crisis

Solving the Veselov equation at unprecedented scale


Helping companies move faster in the high frequency world

Simulations for exotic derivatives

Climate Models

Combating uncertainty for the world

Helping to answer some critical questions facing humanity this century with very high resolution climate models


How did the universe evolve into what it is today?

Solving einsteins field equations at resolution and scale

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We must note that the applications listed above is just a short list of what our technology can accelerate. We are always excited to hear about other potential applications. So don't hold back.

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